Madjid Tahriri · مجید تحریری

composer - pianist - musicologist


Night“ (1999) for piano and violin (ca. 4′)

Duett for piano and violin“ (2001) cd release (Trio-1) at Hermes Records (ca. 5′)

End of the Time’ s Dream“ (2003) for orchestra (bachelor thesis in Tehran) (ca. 10′)

Jenseits von Gut und Böse“ (2004) 10 pieces for piano (ca. 17′)

101“ (2005) for ensemble (ca. 4′)

3 Miniaturen“ (2006) for piano (ca. 3′)

Der Sturz“ (2006) for 2-channel tape (2′:02“)

entweder oder“ (2007) for flute, violin, clarinet and violoncello (ca. 6′)

tombak“ (2007) for 2-channel tape (4′:53“)

…in Trance“ (2008) for tenorrecorder, soprano- and altorecorder and tam-tam (ca. 12′)

Yantra“ (2008) for 10 instruments (ca. 10′)

Magma“ (2009) for 4-channel tape (10′:03“)

Amadinda“ (2009) for 4-channel tape (5′:06“)

Be here now“ (2009) for video, 4 instruments and live-electronic (ca. 15′) (in collaboration with Florian Hartlieb)

Schweigeminute“ (2010) for my father Mohammad Tahriri for 4-channel tape (13′:39“)

Traces in silence“ (2010) for 2-channel tape, live-electronic, video and 2 performers (ca. 21′) (in collaboration with M. Abbasi, T. Jeanlouis, D. Nold, L. Wagner, J. Zwaenepoel and A. Baygin)

White balloon“ (2010) for 4-channel tape, video projector and 2 performers (ca. 9′) (in collaboration with M. Abbasi, U. Turkenich, Y. H. Wei and C. W. Hsu)

Afshari“ (2010) for 2-channel tape (20“)

STADT LAND RUHR“ (2010) for 2-channel tape, video and 1 performer (ca. 12′) (in collaboration with Uwe Brauns and Kalouna Toulakoun)

Tehran 88“ (2010/11) for large orchestra (ca. 14′)

Butterflies“ (2010/11) for video and 2-channel tape (6′:49“)

bewegte Gedanken“ (2011) for video and 2-channel tape (ca. 7′) (in collaboration with Thomas Reul)

Passing Lines“ (2011) for 2-channel tape, objects and 1 performer (ca. 15′) (in collaboration with David Pollmann, Remo Jost and Jan Rothstein)

Indolent Parade“ (2011) for video and 2-channel tape (ca. 13′) (in collaboration with Mito Mihelic)

COMPLEXITÉ“ (2012) for video and 2-channel tape (ca. 7′) (in collaboration with Remo Jost; RJ company)

BLANC ET NOIRE“ (2012) for 4-channel tape, objects and 2 performers (ca. 8′) (in collaboration with Remo Jost; RJ company)

Arzu Arie“ (2012) for large orchestra (ca. 3′)

Die Welt als Konzentration rückkoppelnder Empfindungen“ (2013) for installation and 12-channel tape (ca. 16′) (in collaboration with Thomas Reul)

Nava“ (2016) for violoncello and live-electronic (ca. 7′)

Azal“ (2016) for violin solo (ca. 10′)